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X & Y Codes
The X & Y values in the Gerber file determine where the aperture shape and dimension will be positioned and drawn. X & Y values are used as coordinate pairs to determine where the light will be exposed, using the D codes shapes (i.e. D10) and light exposure status (i.e. D01, D02, D03) for drawing lines and arcs, as well as moving between drawing entities.

Here are a few examples of using X & Y codes with D codes.

D10* {Select aperture D10}

X1000Y1000D02* {The D02 tells us that the light will be off, and we move to coordinate position X1000 and Y1000}

X2000Y3000D01* {The D01 tells us that we will draw (light on) to coordinate position X2000 and Y3000}

X5500Y100D03* {The D03 tells us to move to coordinate position X5500 and Y100 with the light off, then flash (turn the light on and off)}