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OC: Output Compare (Timer Function)
The output compare (OC) mechanism of a timer can be used to schedule an output change to occur at a specific time in a timer cycle. The planned output change occurs when the free-running counter matches the value in the output compare register. This is the timer mechanism typically used for control of outgoing timing references.

OSD: On-Screen Display
The on-screen display (OSD) module converts programmed character addresses and control information into digital color and blanking outputs to display user defined characters on a television screen for on-screen programming and closed-captioning applications.

OTPROM: One Time Programmable Read Only Memory
One-time Programmable Read Only Memory (OTPROM) is an EPROM that does not have a window on top of the package, which means that the memory cannot be exposed to ultraviolet light and therefore cannot be erased and reprogrammed. OTPROM versions of most microcontrollers are available to support your development and production needs. OTP information is non-volatile in that it does not change when power is removed.